How can I exchange for another size if my shoes don't fit?

Feel free to exchange your shoes for a new size or style using the link below. We offer a pre-paid return label for our U.S. customers.


Can I really wear Fuegos outside for day-to-day streetwear?

Yes! Fuego products are multi-purpose and engineered for both dance and daily streetwear.

What surfaces are Fuegos compatible with?

Use Fuego dance sneakers on just about any surface: hardwood, concrete, carpet, marley, gravel, grass, tile, and more.

Are the shoes water-resistant?

Yes! Both the upper and sole are water and spill-resistant.

How do I clean my Fuegos?

Keeping Fuego sneakers crisp and clean is really simple. Dirt or spills can be wiped off of our vegan-friendly upper with just a wet paper towel or rag. Shoe cleaning solutions can also be used, but are often not necessary.